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Who We Are

As a result of the experience and equipment gained in the training and consultancy sector that we have been serving for more than 15 years, AkademUS has gathered all our services and products in a more integrated structure.


With the motto ‘’Transformation of Corporate Mind’’ that the AkademUS brand, it continues its activities. It aims to ensure the transformation of institutions through the training of employees. At this point, it creates remarkable differences with its experience, training methods and expert staff.


You work for profitability, we know that. To be profitable and ready for the future; a big equation with 2 unknowns that we all need to solve. We are ready to solve this equation with you. We will work with you to make you and all your components sustainable. We will carry you to the future by recognizing you from top to bottom. We will provide competitive advantage for you in the future. Most importantly, we will cover every issue in the boss, customer and employee equation. In this way, we will ensure the transformation of your organization and you by adapting to the new world. Together with you we will ensure the transformation of corporate mind…