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The world is turning; the fact that consumers, the market and habits are changing so fast is our biggest battle. We must take this change as a transformation and adapt to the future. We have to go beyond the classical definitions of leadership and see our life universe as a whole yesterday. More than this totality, we must manage the future from a holistic perspective.

We are ready to accompany you wherever there is transformation, change, common sense, synergy, development, IQ and EQ.

We provide adaptation and retention through transformation.

In the field of holistic leadership, we serve in 3 main contexts.

Awareness (workshops)

  1. EQ+IQ Leadership
  2. EQ+IQ Team management
  3. Shared Wisdom & Synergy
  4. Change/Transformation
  5. UnLearn (forget what you learn)

Define it (concultancy)

  1. Multi-layer Transformation Roadmap
  2. Empathic Interview & Mentoring Workshop
  3. Team Coaching Based on Real Projects
  4. EQ+IQ Leadership Development Coaching

Go Alive (programs)

  1. EQ+IQ Manager Development Program
  2. EQ+IQ Leadership Development Program
  3. Market Focused Transformation Program
  4. Performance Development Program