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Leadership Navigation Program

Your leaders are the future of your company.

One of the biggest challenges for leaders, teams and entrepreneurs is to take an inspiring attitude and focus on the future.

Many leaders focus on everyday events, continue to put out fires, and often lose focus on vision or move away from the idea of moving towards an inspiring future.

In order to create sustainable and reproducible current life-friendly behaviors and to be ready for the future, leaders are expected to be focused on being able to account for the necessary updates, as well as to create a challenging ‘what’s next’ perspective and have a strategy built on it.

Transformation is a scientific business, and as behavioral scientists explain, the fundamental elements of making future-oriented sustainable changes;

By improving their communication skills;

Willingness to change, Flexible mental attitude, Harmonized attitude and behavior and Focus on a compelling ’cause’ And sustainable performance.



* Yesim Sanal


Who to Join

Second and Third Generation Boss kids GM and CEO candidates

Middle and Senior Managers

Entrepreneurial Leaders

White Collar Managers


Quantity and Groups

Individual Sessions -1 Team session for teams – in case of need


* Offline & Online (interactive) 8 hours/person total 5 weeks process 6 hours/person individual studies

Modules In interactive online trainings, it is recommended to take a minimum break between each module for 1 week.


* Module 1 : Strategic Thinking and Planning Approach

– Strategy concept,
– dynamics
– Strategic perspective,
– Effects on the individual, the team and the institution,
– Me in My Work and My Life.


Assignments given after the first study; Exercises to raise individual awareness. 2 assignments are given. Total 1 hour of individual work


* Module 2 : Ecosystem and Identity Definition


– I define my identity as a whole with my living spaces.

– My values, my common values with my company. Why am I here?

– The successes, failures and

– Added value that we have created as individuals, teams and companies to date.

– We draw out the main ideas that we have learned so far, milestones, breaking points, what has made a difference.

– The competencies I have, what I use, what I don’t use. – I learn to think innovatively because I can’t use it, and how to realize my potential.


There’s an assignment behind this session. An hour-long assignment that supports visually visually visually reviving Vision and Goals.



* Module 3 : Defining Vision and Goals


– Mini assignment interpretation

– Identity in harmony with Vision and Goals

– Unlearning and Creating a new perspective towards Business and Life. Can do attitude!


* Module 4 : Roadmap design to achieve goals-vision Decision Making Processes


– 5-Year Mega goals

– Projects

– And Description of to-dos period, monthly and weekly plan

– Agenda plan and to-dos for the first 6 months

The Assignment to be given at the end of this session requires 2 hours of individual work and is a prerequisite for continuing the next session.


* Module 5 : Financial Awareness


–For the roadmap to vision;

–Cost of strategic objectives

–Analysis of inputs and costs in the individual, team and company perspective

–Detailed Budget and planning


Module 6 : To walk decisively on the path to the Leader’s Vision

–Vision Board

–Startegy Roadmap

–I have a Budget and Detailed Plan

– How to maintain my focus with determination, how to drag my team after me action plan.