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Customer Centricity

It is a competitive philosophy that spans the company as a whole, with a customer in the center; do customer-oriented business. When applied correctly, it is a very effective “Weapon of Competition.. Because an organization cannot provide excellent service to all its customers; or not all customers are profitable. Knowing which product or service is successful; it is equivalent to knowing which consumer / customer is targeted. That is why knowing your target customer is more valuable than anything else. It will be the right move to move this customer to the center of the entire entity.

Customer-centricity with the most brief expression; provides profit with the customer.

We provide services in 3 main areas of customer centeredness.

Awareness (workshops)

  1. Customer Experience Management
  2. Customer Focused & Customer Centric Model
  3. Customer Management
  4. Inovation & Disruption
  5. Design Thinking

Define it (concultancy)

  1. Customer Experience Management and Roadmap
  2. Empathic Interviews &  Mentoring Workshops
  3. Team Coaching Based on Real Projects
  4. Sales & Service Development Workshops

Go Alive (programs)

  1. Customer Experience Development Programs
  2. Customer Centric Model  Transition Program
  3. Sales Coaching Development Program
  4. Employee Experience Program