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4biz was established about 15 years ago as a consultancy company specialized in certain subjects, it is taking firm steps towards becoming an investment company with its expansion to different sectors in recent years.

It is a consulting company that provides consultancy and training for effective customer experience and CRM work strategy and management. Dr.Hakan TETİK creates a quality and efficiency process with a special methodology consisting of 22 components and 5 stages.

Turbo was established as an information technology company providing solutions for enterprise SMS solutions, omnichannel, customer experience management and CRM services. For a long time, he served himself as a mobile marketing and communications service provider.


Due to new trends and similar changes, the usage change in the SMS tool has been transformed according to customer needs and repositioned itself. Turbo, which defines itself in the field of online education technologies in its new position, proves itself in the field with gamification, customizable content, creative educational structures and special content solutions.

The world’s population is growing rapidly. Food consumption habits are evolving and transforming very quickly. Due to this change, the food became more demanding than the population growth rate. With 3D Rip Food, we are trying to produce innovative and innovative solutions to this evolving, changing and evolving food demand.


This point; food storage methods, solutions to make consumption habits efficient and innovative food resources services offered.


“Food means the future.”

Gobito, which produces interactive video, presentation and educational technologies. With its customizable and adaptable digital solutions, it always prioritizes people and human resources.

Turkey and in particular the leading brands in the world, user experience design and web services technologies providing a multi-disciplinary creative, innovative and design / technology agency.

TT is an SMS providing solution partner.

According to the needs and purposes of customers (companies); is a consultancy and training company that focuses on strategy & transformation, product management & innovation, customer-centric CRM, experience & design thinking, omnichannel and NG retail workshops.

Alem-i İş is a different project developed for institutions that want to convey their messages directly to their hearts and to internalize them to all stakeholders in the business ecosystem.


It aims to convey the messages of the institutions in an interactive way through scenarios written according to the needs of the institutions with its experienced and experienced actors. In this way, more interaction is achieved with the studies carried out and institution building transformation is highly supported.