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Strategy is actually an easy-to-consume concept; therefore, it is not used properly and cannot be handled as it deserves. However, the “backbone her of every decision we make, both on an individual and corporate basis, in our daily lives must be strictly strategic ile Therefore, individuals and institutions that do not have a strategy or have problems of clarity are born.

As Akademus, we will ensure that you are clear in your Strategy with our main domain.

We provide services in three main areas in the field of strategy and culture.

Awareness (workshops)

Use of resources at all levels to ensure sustainable development as much as possible Strategy


  1. Strategic Thinking
  2. Strategic Planning
  3. Transformation Strategy
  4. Growth Strategy
  5. Hidden Champions Strategy

Define it (concultancy)

Strategy is not made from yesterday to today, but from the realities of yesterday, from tomorrow to the present.


  1. Strategic Roadmap Design
  2. Cultural Transformation in Strategy
  3. One to One Meetings & Mentoring
  4. Team Coaching Based on Real Projects

Go Alive (programs)

When strategic thinking is managed correctly, it matures with the visions of the management team and all employees in the enterprise and achieves the goals of the organization.


  1. Fit for the future program