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Strategic Marketing & Product Management

Strategic marketing is a marketing approach that requires more serious analysis, planning and implementation involving medium-term goals. Today, the existence of the business without market, customers and products is meaningless. It is becoming more and more difficult to create loyal customers in competitive conditions. In order to care about the customer seeking better price and quality, it is necessary to create high representative products with unique sales proposal that will differentiate us from our competitors. Strategic marketing and product management come into play at this point.

Product management is a continuous process that ensures that products and their specific features emerge at the right time for consumers. It includes methods that should be applied in the simplest or sometimes anticipating consumer needs and seizing opportunities that best meet these needs.

We ensure you are positioned correctly and moving forward. We strengthen the connection between product and need.

We provide services in the three main areas of strategic marketing and product management.

Awareness (workshops)

  1. Strategic Marketing
  2. Segmentation and Personalization
  3. Product Management
  4. Data to action

Define it (concultancy)

  1. Strategic Marketing  and Roadmap
  2. Market Focused Dynamic Segmentation
  3. Transformation to Omnichannel Structure
  4. Big Data Signification

Go Alive (programs)

  1. Positioning & Go to Market Strategy
  2. Product Management & Innovation Program